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The only day the Master unconditionally accepts anything given with gratitude. When it is offered directly to the enlightened guru, it will help liberate you from karmas and negative patterns that are blocking your success in this life.


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As per the Vedagamic principles of Hinduism, all traditions of Hinduism celebrate the Guru Poornima on a specific Full moon day in the vedic month of Ashada(between July & August), to revere and offer gratitude to the Guru parampara (the lineage of Masters who are established in and radiate the Super Conscious state).
Each year the date varies depending on the day of the Full moon in the month of Ashadha.

KAILASA NHU being the headquarters of refined and revived Hinduism which is the perfect science of enlightenment and enlightened lifestyle celebrates Guru Poornima which signifies the beginning of Hinduism itself.

On this particular day a disciple or follower will offer their deepest gratitude to the Guru (The SPH) for happening in one’s life to enrich and cause enlightenment as a pragmatic day to day lifestyle path.

In vedagamic tradition, Dakshina or Bhiksha is an offering of gratitude to the Guru or existence for teachings including powerful cognition and life solutions received in limitless forms and techniques by disciples, devotees, students and followers.

Guru Poornima is the day when Hindus all over the planet celebrate the happening of Guru in one’s lives by offering Guru Dakshina or Guru Bhiskha through various forms of donations in currency or kind.


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